The Fauci Book

Buying multiple copies

Even buying just one additional copy will make a huge difference if done collectively.

You may want to do more.

What to do with the extra copies?

* Give one (or more) to your local library
* Give copies to concerned friends and family members
* Mail a copy with letter to local publications and news media (more likely to be open minded that mass media)
* Mail a copy to local politicians (much more powerful that sending a letter)
* Give one to a nurse, doctors, police officer or fireman who has recently lost their job for refusing to take the shot

Buying on Amazon is the most economical and efficient.

Buying from local stores is the most expensive and least convenient option.

The virtue of buying from independent bookstores is: 1) sales in local bookstores are weighed more heavily by the New York Times bestseller list, 2) it encourages stores to order and even display the book, and 3) it supports independent booksellers

Note that you can use online ordering to order from many bookstores now and they will ship anywhere so if none of the stores on this list are near you, you can still use this important channel.

A list of major independent booksellers who take online orders: