The Fauci Book

How to help

Books are the last bastion of free speech in American today, especially now that the news media and Big Tech have joined forces to silence the voices of scientists and doctors whose opinions don’t support the new pharma funded political-medical ideology.

By buying “The Real Anthony Fauci” you’re not only breaking this sinister blockade on the truth, you’re also casting a vote in the marketplace and demonstrating that people do want to know the facts about what’s going on and do not accept government and pharmaceutical industry press releases as the last word on science and medicine.

Where to buy the book

For better or worse, Amazon is a dominant force in bookselling today. Being a bestseller on Amazon will give “The Real Anthony Fauci” high visibility to millions of active book buyers.

However, if you’re willing to spend more for your copies of the book, you can help support independent bookstores
and also help support the effort by getting your copies from your favorite local bookseller.

We’ve assembled a list of some of the nation’s top independent booksellers below.

Who are you buying for?

Some people are buying copies for friends and family.

Others are buying copies for their local library. Still others are buying copies to mail to local officials. There’s even been talk about a movement to send the book to every Congressperson in Washington DC.

If you’re a member of an organization that promotes medical freedom, civil rights, and social justice, please let them know about the book and make it an agenda item at the next meeting.

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Independent booksellers: