Draft not for publication

 A personal appeal from

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


On behalf of the staff of Children’s Health Defense, our supporters, and the children of the world we seek to protect, I have a personal request to make of you today.

The world is at a crossroads and the decisions we make and the battles we fight now are going to determine the future for many generations.

In the next few months there’s a very real potential for Children’s Health Defense to make more progress in our organization’s mission than in any time since our group’s founding.

Here’s what I mean.

For the first time in our history, we’re no
longer swimming against the tide

Throughout our history, Children’s Health Defense has often been the first to introduce and explain technical and medical subjects to the public that were for all practical purposes being discussed nowhere else.

All in an environment of widespread news media censorship and distortion.

Our primary audience has been families who’ve experienced the consequences of a corrupt and out-of-control medical industrial complex firsthand. We’ve also been joined by people of good will who’ve taken the time to educate themselves and become active on the issues.

The last 20 months have irrevocably changed all this.

All over the world, people are waking up to the issues

In Europe, in Asia, in Latin America, in Africa, and in dozens of cities all over the U.S. and Canada hundreds, thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets to protest against the realities that every reader of this letter knows only too well:

* The corruption of science, especially medical science, on behalf of industrial interests

* The subversion of institutions necessary for a free and healthy society: the news media, academic institutions, and the medical research establishments

* The abuse of government authority and public resources to coerce people into accepting dangerous, unproven and unnecessary medical treatments and procedures that are not supported by rational science

Somehow, in the face of a total news media blackout people all over the world  – including firemen, police officers, teachers, nurses and health care workers – have been able to piece together fragments of the truth despite the censors at Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook.

What we’re up against

I don’t think that it’s news to anyone that the efforts of Children’s Health Defense to educate the public and arm them with facts have been blocked at every turn.

It’s not just Children’s Health Defense who’ve been silenced and bullied.

* Today, I‘m reading the story of a 7-year-old girl in Florida, Fionna Lashells, who has been suspended from her public school thirty-six times for refusing to wear a mask. Now school administrators are telling her family that she will likely have to repeat the second grade.

* Yesterday, I saw that in New York State 34,000 health care workers have resigned in protest or been fired for refusing to receive a vaccine that they have grave professional doubts about.

Note: These 34,000 front line workers – with all the training, experience and dedication they represent – are the health care workers of just one state.

* Now, in the United States, the FDA has approved CoVid vaccinations for children as young as five years old. Will mandatory vaccinations for them be far behind?

Nobel prize winners, senior professors from schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford with substantial expertise in relevant disciplines, and frontline physicians and nurses have been locked out of the public debate.

They’ve been outright censored, and in some cases harassed, intimidated with their livelihoods, their professional licenses and careers threatened.

On paper, it would seem there is no way we can win, but we can and here’s how.

What I learned from my father and uncles

In my life when I’ve been confronted with difficult things, I often ask myself what would my father and uncles do?

First, I know they’d seek and come down on the side of the truth, regardless of the personal cost.

Second, I know they’d seek to find the right thing to do, even when it’s not easy or politic.

Third, I know they’d ask for help and that’s what I’m doing today.

People ask me: “When does this end?”

I answer: “It ends when we end it.”

The truth is there is no cavalry coming to rescue us.

We must be our own cavalry – and we can be.

And we will win.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

Our weapon: information, rationally, honestly,
and comprehensively presented

Here at Children’s Health Defense we made the bold decision to devote a massive amount of our organization’s time and resources to producing a comprehensive book.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the CDH staff and countless volunteers around the world we accomplished in little more than a year what normally would have been a prolonged multi-year effort.

The book is “The Real Anthony Fauci.” It’s a detailed account of Fauci’s career and the sinister complex of interlocking special interests he has fronted for over forty years.

In 480 pages with hundreds of references it documents the story of how medicine in America has gone so wrong and how it has brought us to the profoundly disturbing state we’re in today.

The book is a comprehensive history of the corruption of medicine in the 20th and 21st centuries, who the players are, the methods they employ, and how they work together to advance a commercial agenda that enriches a few while impoverishing and injuring the many.

Why is this book so important at this time

Never before have so many people been forced to confront the reality of the out-of-control government-pharma partnership and the catastrophic effect its operations have had on our children and their health.

The public knows they’re being coerced into making decisions based on flawed and in some cases falsified information.  They’re scared. They’re bewildered. They’re angry.

How will this energy be channeled? Will it be informed? Will it dissipate in despair?

Tens of millions of people all over the world are now keenly interested in the very information that Children’s Health Defense has been meticulously gathering and publishing since our founding.

But the fact is, many people don’t know we exist and don’t know that the information they’re seeking is readily available.

For those who don’t know and want to know, we owe it to them to spare no effort to find them and bring them the facts they need.

And that’s where “The Real Anthony Fauci” comes in.

We’re confronting a steel wall 15 feet thick
and 100 feet high

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to readers of this letter that the news media will ignore the existence of this book and the information in it.

If they do mention it, they will disparage it, just as you and I have been disparaged as “anti-vaxxers” when in fact what we are – and have always been – are people opposed to the corruption of science and public health.

The other side has succeeded in building the equivalent of a steel wall, 15 feet thick and 100 feet high to keep any semblance of rationality and scientific rigor from the public discussion.

It employs literally thousands of people full time: government bureaucrats, pharmaceutical industry operatives, public relations agents posing as journalists, and legions of experts in advertising, marketing and mass persuasion.

What can we do when we are confronted by such a reality?

The last bastion of free speech in America

Books are the last bastion of free speech in America…

They can’t be erased, deleted, cancelled.

Pharma has not yet succeeded in corrupting libraries and booksellers in the way they’ve corrupted and co-opted the evening news and the Internet through companies like Google and Facebook.

Books are, in a very real sense, our last stand as a free society.

Historically, while mass media attention does help the sale of books, nothing works like word of mouth.

That’s why I’m asking members of Children’s Health Defense and all our friends and supporters to make the “The Real Anthony Fauci” your focus today and in the weeks to come.

Books are especially important now that the news media and Big Tech have joined forces to silence the voices of scientists and doctors whose opinions don’t support the new pharma funded political-medical ideology.

Where to buy the book

For better or worse, Amazon is a dominant force in bookselling today. Being a bestseller on Amazon will give “The Real Anthony Fauci” high visibility to millions of active book buyers.

We are already doing well in this arena and even before the book’s publication date it’s been routinely one of the top ten sellers of all non-fiction books on Amazon.

However, if you’re willing to spend more effort to get the book, you can also help support independent bookstores by getting your copies from your favorite local bookseller.

We’ve assembled a list of some of the nation’s top independent booksellers on the Children’s Health Defense website. You can order from them online as easily as you can from Amazon.

Who are you buying for?

Some people are buying copies for friends and family.

Others are buying copies for their local library.

Still others are buying copies to mail to local officials and local news outlets where it will have a much greater impact than a simple letter to the editor.

There’s even been talk about a movement to send the book to every Congressperson in Washington DC.

If you’re a member of an organization that promotes medical freedom, civil rights, and social justice, please let them know about the book and make it an agenda item at the next meeting.

When to buy the book?

The time to buy and support the book is now.

The launch date of a new book is a critical time in a book’s life. Ours is November 16.

I’m told by publishing industry experts that this book because of its topic and the times we are in has a real potential to make it to the New York Times bestseller list where it will gain priceless exposure to buyers at libraries and book stores around the world.

What I need from you now

Today, I need you to buy the book, share the book, talk about the book, and together we will make a noise so loud that we can’t be ignored.

Children’s Health Defense has done its part. Now I ask you to do yours.

Help us break this sinister information blockade that has bewildered and confused so many.

Help us reach the serious-minded people of the world – and there are tens of millions of them – who are still on the sidelines.

Help us empower families all over the world.

In truth, there is no single solution to defeating the forces that oppose us. It’s going to take many actions by many people and this book is an important first step.

Please join us and please share this letter with others who you think may be interested.

Click here for directions on what to do next.  Order the book.

Thank you.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.